Binar is Curtin University’s space program. We build CubeSats – tiny 10x10x10cm satellites which have everything you need to run an experiment in orbit.

What should I study to get involved?

Our satellites are built by Honours and PhD students across science and engineering.Our current team studied mechatronics engineering, electronics engineering, computer computer science, physics, and mathematics.

We’re also looking for science students to build experiments to run on Binar satellites, and law, business and humanities students to help us with regulations, business development and outreach. If you’re keen, we’ll find some space for you!

Do I have to be doing an honours or PhD project>

Nope! Undergrads are welcome too. You can join us as an undergraduate student for an internship project over the summer or during the mid-year break.

You can also take the units AERO3000 and AERO3001 in third year to learn more about space systems design in your undergraduate degree.

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